I find it quite appropriate and meaningful for many reasons that Wind Charmer has designed a Christmas dress in honor of my mother, Beverly. I’m the youngest of her three sons, more affectionately known as her little baby. Really, only a mom could get away with calling her son that, and I’m far from little these days. I know I speak for all of my brothers when writing this blog post in tribute to her, as she means the world to us. We look up to her and love her for all that she is and all that she taught us to be!

My mom has handed down endless amounts of values and lessons she learned from her wonderful and loving parents. In turn they were passed down to us in our childhood and we are doing the same these days with our girls. Just to name a few of the obvious; hard work, commitment, reliability, and most certainly a love for life, family, and God! I believe the last to have made the biggest and broadest impact on our family. My mom is a giver and she has taught her sons to have the same compassion for people and life.

My mom spent the largest part of her working career as a teacher and middle school counselor to children. She gave her time to these kids every day to try to help them find their way in a world that can spin at the speed of light, and even faster so in a teenage world full of emotion and drama. My mom’s office was a safe space that many kids could turn to for a kind smile and a listening ear. I’ve found myself doing the same at times. She's always been there to help me figure out the best way through some of the more challenging times in my life. She does this for me as her son of course, but she’s done it for countless other sons and daughters as well. I know she has impacted our world in so many ways in her service to young children and minds over the years.

Even in her off time, my Mom is a giver. It doesn’t just stop at the end of a school day. There have been countless times where I have had people come up to me, friends and sometimes strangers, to thank me for something that my Mom had done for them or their family. Most times I didn’t even know she had done it, so it means that much more. She does it selflessly for no other motivation than the generous love that’s in her heart, she shares with someone or some family. It truly is inspiring and sets the bar high, so that we may strive to achieve her level of compassion.

My parents always taught us the most important part of Christmas is giving. The ultimate gift was given to the world on the day Jesus Christ was born. It’s in this love my Mom finds her compassion to give all year long and I find it appropriate that she is honored with the Beverly dress in this season of giving.

Much Love,