Cue the Chicken!

By Sandi Meeks
on April 14, 2016

We never imagined that less than 6 months into our business, we would be invited to be part of a fashion magazine spread. It was so flattering to be asked to be part of such a beloved Birmingham magazine. We were delighted beyond words and then it sunk it.....can we pull this all together in time?

In early February, we met with Robin Colter from B Metro magazine at their hip offices in downtown Birmingham. We showed her all of our current dresses and some sketches and prototypes of upcoming styles. Through her super cool glasses, I could see the excitement in her eyes as she told us they had never done a fashion feature on a children's clothing line. Wow! This was really going to happen, but the next question was when? She informed us their yearly fashion issue went to print in April.  Therefore, we needed to have everything pulled together for the photo shoot the first week in March.  That's when my heart hit the floor. That was only 6 weeks away and we were still working on patterns. We knew this was an opportunity we couldn't pass up so we put everything in high gear and began to work tirelessly.  

Mary Beth went to work finalizing the patterns with the pattern makers. She already had a mountain of fabric selections but it was time to quickly make her selections for each dress in order to get everything to our amazing local sample sewer.

The photographer and staff went to work selecting models with a sense of urgency.  Many decisions had to be made-- how many girls, what ages, what dresses on which girl, and everything in between. Through the grace of Facebook and other sources, we found our amazing models--all who lived locally in Birmingham or in nearby cities in Alabama.  

From the beginning, Robin knew exactly how she wanted the photoshoot to go.  But finding a location that worked was going to be very difficult.  She put a call out to friends around town because she wanted more than anything.......a baby goat. Ok, seriously, that's not asking too much was it? Well, low and behold through word of mouth, she found the Aitchison farm in Odenville. 

After meeting with the photographer, producer and stylist, we came up with a plan for the actual day of the photo shoot. It was going to take tremendous coordination to get everything done in one day. The stylist went to work pulling together accessories, props (most of which she made), planning hair styles and organizing everything to perfection.  

There always has to be a plan B when planning an outside photo shoot. We knew that it HAD to be done on that particular Saturday in order to meet the deadline for the April issue of the magazine. That meant that the stars would have to align and the weather would have to cooperate. And boy did it ever! It was a perfect, sunny early March spring day.

Most of the work was completed the last week before the photo shoot--picking up dresses for the models, late night work on the props like the bow and arrow, set building for our indoor scenes and everything in between.

The day of the photo shoot could not have gone better. It was cold for the first shoot of the day and our fantastic model Willa Blu was a rock star. Dressed in her purple Flora dress, she was somehow able to shake off the shivers, wrangle that beautiful black and white goat, while the fan blew her amazing hair and managed to look at the camera at the same time. When the photographer showed me the "perfect shot" she got, I started to tear up. This was really happening!  The moment that we worked so hard for, was actually happening. It was really such a magical moment for me and I was so proud of what our little company was able to pull off in such a short time.

The rest of the day just kept getting better and better. Judah was majestic in her Jan dress while standing in the creek like a warrior princess as this gigantic dog ran past her for the perfect shot.

Next was the amazing picture of the four girls standing on the log over the creek. I had to cover my eyes at one point, fearful that someone would fall in. But they didn't and were even able to get a chicken to line up on the log with them. That was real and not photoshopped!  Once the girls were lined up on the log, the photographer yelled "cue the chicken" and the farm owner ran through the creek and placed the chicken perfectly on the log.

The entire experience is something we will never forget. We owe it all to the amazing, fantastic, creative, daring and magical Liesa Cole. Her obsession with getting the perfect photo is relentless but nothing less than perfection. She is a creative inspiration to all those that meet her.

The result was far beyond what we could have ever dreamed.  We feel blessed beyond measure that B Metro Magazine selected us and so thankful to everyone who was a part of this experience. 



From Pinnies to Penny

By Jamie Meeks
on September 16, 2015

Do you have certain "staples" in your closet?  The perfect little black dress, or just the right scarf that can change your entire look?  A pinafore was that "staple" in the past.  

Historically, pinafores were aprons that were pinned over dresses and could be taken off easily when it was time to wash them.  Since they were pinned to dresses, they were called "pinafores" or "pinnies." Buttons were not used on pinafores because buttons were often damaged with products during the laundering process. Pinafores also protected dresses so they would not need to be washed as often.  

Looking back in history, there have been some famous pinafores!  

Alice wore one as she made her way through Wonderland...


Dorothy wore one as she traveled through Oz trying to get back to Kansas...

and we can't leave out Raggedy Ann!

Pinafores have come a long way since they started out as aprons to protect dresses.  A pinafore is now a dress of its own.  Unlike the past, pinafores are now adorned with buttons, piping, trim and other details that make them all unique.  

"Penny" is our version of the classic pinafore.  We hope that Penny will soon become a staple in your charm's closet!

(Pictured from Left to Right: Darby in Marine Penny, Leah in Holiday Penny, and Allie in Plum Penny)




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