Do you have certain "staples" in your closet?  The perfect little black dress, or just the right scarf that can change your entire look?  A pinafore was that "staple" in the past.  

Historically, pinafores were aprons that were pinned over dresses and could be taken off easily when it was time to wash them.  Since they were pinned to dresses, they were called "pinafores" or "pinnies." Buttons were not used on pinafores because buttons were often damaged with products during the laundering process. Pinafores also protected dresses so they would not need to be washed as often.  

Looking back in history, there have been some famous pinafores!  

Alice wore one as she made her way through Wonderland...


Dorothy wore one as she traveled through Oz trying to get back to Kansas...

and we can't leave out Raggedy Ann!

Pinafores have come a long way since they started out as aprons to protect dresses.  A pinafore is now a dress of its own.  Unlike the past, pinafores are now adorned with buttons, piping, trim and other details that make them all unique.  

"Penny" is our version of the classic pinafore.  We hope that Penny will soon become a staple in your charm's closet!

(Pictured from Left to Right: Darby in Marine Penny, Leah in Holiday Penny, and Allie in Plum Penny)