My great uncle, Tom Calvin, is a man who has lived an interesting life.  His name is somewhat synonymous with football in our state. Uncle Tom grew up on the outskirts of Athens, Alabama. He played high school football before he served in WWII, like so many men his age.  After returning from WWII, he played football at the University of Alabama from 1949-1950. After playing for the Crimson Tide, he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers and played there 4 years from 1952-1955. 

Uncle Tom coached for Sylacauga High School and Austin High School in Decatur where his winning teams won several state championships. His wife, Aunt Lenette, has been coaching gymnastics for over 57 years. She has been involved with gymnastics for many years and is a legend in gymnastics in our state. Uncle Tom and Aunt Lenette, are both inductees of the Alabama High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame.

Photo by John Godbey with Decatur Daily

We have our Football Penny series pre-order going on now..  Many families, like ours, have divided loyalties with fans for Alabama and Auburn.  We hope your girls enjoy wearing their Wind Charmer dresses as they show their team spirit this fall. 

I am so  proud of my family and the state in which I grew up.  Our hope is to honor the men and women who have positively influenced so many young people. They set a strong foundation and we hope to follow in their footsteps. 

With love,

Mary Beth

Photo by Lily White Photography