Boots and layering pieces ... things that I never owned until the age of 18. I realize to most that sounds like the craziest thing but it's true. The first time I ever bought a sweater was the fall of 1995 when I started college. Up until that time I had spent every day in sunny, hot and humid South Florida. We only have one season down there so there's also no need for the dreaded closet rotation.

Dressing for fall is much harder than I expected. The chilly mornings followed by warm and sometimes hot afternoons makes dressing children difficult in the ever changing autumn days.  The truth is, and don't tell all my friends in South Florida, but fall in the South is amazing! 

No closet in the South is complete without layering pieces!  Since the weather in the fall changes from day to day, it's great to take a sleeveless dress and layer underneath. My girls are hard pressed to keep a jacket on so layering under works best for us. As moms designing dresses, we thought long and hard about putting sleeves on the Flora dresses.  But having the option of layering for fall and winter and wearing without layering into spring seemed the most versatile option for extended wear.  

I get asked all the time about where I get my layering pieces and I have a few favorites. Blanks Boutique and Adorable Essentials (both online) have really good quality and reasonable prices on layering pieces that wash well and don't shrink. In fact, we are still wearing some of our pieces from last year. 

My favorite part about dressing for fall... the BOOTS! 

My girls LOVE boots and they go with everything, especially our fall Wind Charmer collection. Some of our favorites are a pair of fun brown and purple cowboy boots (Durango) and some Hannah Andersson booties that come in a variety of colors. Both are both super easy for my 2 year old to put on by herself and are really comfortable, per my 5 year old. We have links to them on our Pinterest page.

It's a rainy fall Sunday so it's time to kiss summer tops and shorts good-bye and welcome leggings and layers and rotate the closets.

We know all of you have your favorite boots and layering pieces too and we would love to see how you paired them with your Wind Charmer! Please feel free to send us an email or message us on social media.  We get excited when we see members of Our Charm all dressed up.



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