Childhoods are defined by moments, the special memories which shaped us into the people we are today. My mother is the maker of these moments for me.  Now that I am a mother of three, I find myself reminiscing about my own childhood and the moments I feel shaped me into me. In all of them, I can now see that whatever my mom was sharing with me, it was straight from her heart. By her example, I do my very best to pour my heart and love into my daughters and the moments we share so they too can experience this wonderful joy that has been passed onto me by my mom!

        Jan is my mom! She is a beautiful woman who radiates beams of light. She can hardly contain her joy and more often than not is humming or singing her way through the day. Growing up, my mom worked in a record store so music poured into our lives from very early on. I feel like I can chronicle my childhood by the albums I listened to. I can remember dancing with my mother to Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band when I was seven and having the Moody Blues playing on our way to take my driving test. We shared a lot of memorable moments to our very own personal soundtrack!

         My mom also knew the special treats that would warm a child’s heart and make them feel special and loved. My mother was one who put the blanket in the drier to warm it up before she covered you up for a nap. And for the moments that required extra tenderness she always lived by the rule that there isn't anything freshly baked cookies couldn't cure.

         I designed this dress to dedicate and honor my mother. She encouraged me to be creative, write stories, and paint pictures. Not because it kept me busy, but because she was nurturing the creative strengths she could already see in me from an early age. In everything I have done in my journey to find me, my mom has always given her encouragement, love and unwavering support and I am forever grateful for pouring her motherly warmth into my life.

        I hope you adore the Jan dress as much as I enjoyed designing it. May it honor your child and show her beauty as she wears it. May memories be made in this dress that she will be able to think back on and know without a doubt that her childhood was absolutely charming.

Love Always,

Mary Beth