Fun fact!  A group of hummingbirds is called a charm.  Our entire family was sitting on the beach this summer when we discovered this little tidbit of information.  The name, Wind Charmer, and the hummingbird logo had been chosen long before our beach trip. When we found out that a group of hummingbirds was called a charm it was just like God was nudging us right along.  

It started with three brothers... 

Forrest, Josh & Tanner - 1981

Who married three girls... 


           Forrest & Jamie - 1999                      Josh & Sandi - 2004                Tanner & Mary Beth - 2007

Who had eight baby girls...

Our family has bonded through the experience of having so many little girls and through this bond, we have decided to start Wind Charmer.  Wind Charmer designs vintage inspired dresses for all little girls who want to honor the past while charming the present.


Through this blog we look forward to telling the stories behind the inspiration of our dresses.  We will also share our charms… our family, traditions and favorites!  We hope you share your charms with us.  We look forward to photographs of your girls dressed in Wind Charmer as well as reading the stories of memories you are making!  We encourage blog comments, FacebookInstagram comments, and emails.   

Keep in touch as we begin our Wind Charmer journey!