There are many people who come in and out of our lives, almost all of them leave some sort of impact and have a hand in shaping who we are and what we believe. Doris Whidby Hobbs, my grandmother, has impacted countless lives throughout her life. I am fairly confident my family would agree that she is the example we all aspire to follow. Grandmother Hobbs always has a way of taking the most complicated situation and making it profoundly simple.

(At my wedding in 2004, she still looks this amazing at 88)

Keith Urban’s “These Are the Days” lyrics always remind me of Grandmother Hobbs' approach to whatever life sends her way:

“My grandma was a wise old soul
Took me by the hand not long ago
Said, "Son, what's your hurry, boy slow it down
Taste the wild honey, listen to the sound
Of the wind that's blowin' through the trees
Rivers flowin' to the sea
Yeah they're all headin' home just like you and me
Life's for livin' child, can't you see?"

These are the days we will remember
These are the times that won't come again
The highest of flames become an ember
And you gotta live 'em while you can”

We are all caught up in the endless demands and expectations of today’s world, the never ending to-do list, expectations from our careers, expectations from our families, and expectations from society. I often find myself running the race and think about Grandmother Hobbs; she always put three things above anything else, again, profoundly simple but, oh, so hard to execute-Faith, Family, Kindness.

Faith. Grandmother Hobbs’ love for her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the reason she is who she is and He guides her every step. I was so blessed to be raised in a Christian home and this started with my grandparents.  They provided the guidance to my parents who in turn did the same for me. I am so thankful for the endless sacrifices made by my family in order to place me in a position to come and know the same Lord and Savior. I pray all will remember the power of His sacrifice when true love was on full display a little over 2,000 years ago.

Family. Grandmother Hobbs loves her family and is fiercely loyal to each and every member. Our entire family owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Grandmother Hobbs. She and my Grandfather who passed away in 2012, always taught us to put family first. When times are good or bad, your family will always be there.  Trust me, they were always there setting the example at our births, our baptisms, every Sunday lunch, endless little league sporting events, graduations, weddings, their grandchildren’s births, during sickness and during death.  You could always count on Grandmother and Granddaddy Hobbs. I can only hope to be as devoted to my family as they were and are to ours.

Grandmother Hobbs - Doris Whidby Hobbs

(I'm the one in the awesome navy blazer)

Kindness: Grandmother Hobbs is kind to every person she comes in contact with. I have never met anyone who doesn’t simply adore my grandmother. She always puts others’ needs before hers.   Is this not the essence of kindness? People are naturally drawn to her kindness.  I truly believe this magnetism was the foundation for the positive impact she had on so many people throughout her life.

Grandmother Hobbs is hands down the best cook I know.  Her food is the accompanying soundtrack to our families story. No description of her way of life would be complete without this fact and a stick of oleo.

This Wind Charmer dress, Doris, exemplifies the beautiful simplicity with which Grandmother lives her life. I hope you are drawn to this dress and it reminds you that despite the pressures and demands of our world, the truly important things in life are not that complicated.

So, slow down; love the Lord, love your family, love those around you. I am certain Grandmother Hobbs would agree. I am also certain there are not many Great Grandmothers of 9, active on Facebook and as vibrant as she is.!

I'm thankful that my wife and my sister-in-laws love my Grandmother as much as her grandsons love her and honored her with this dress. Seeing my daughters in this beautiful dress is just an amazing way that our company honors the past while charming the present.

Classic Doris

(My oldest Leah in Classic Doris)

Thank you for everything and I love you Grandmother.