My Grandmother Meeks, that’s what all of her grandsons call her. It’s a simple name but oh so special just like her. She embodies the simple truths of life and will be more than happy to take the time to share them with you when you talk to her. I’ve always enjoyed talking to my grandmother and listening to her stories of life. I have so many fond memories with her and my granddaddy, whether it was driving all over town to watch trains pass by and wave at the conductors or the weekend fishing trips where we would spend the night in their truck camper and catch loads of fish. She would even let me take sips of her coffee from a cooled spoon, decaffeinated I'm sure, but I think this is where I found my love for good black coffee! I still smile to this day when I think of what my great grandmother, who Grandmother Meeks took care of, used to say watching this as she watched me sip coffee, "I'm too young to drink coffee". She lived to be 98 and I'm positive she never had a sip!


            Edna Mae Meeks is just one more exemplary story you have all likely heard about the greatest generation. This generation earned that title for many reasons and it’s a well-deserved moniker for my grandmother.  She was born into a dairy farmer’s family in 1929 and grew up living and appreciating that life. It was hard and dirty work but it's  what her family knew and did well. Its even how she would eventually meet her husband, our amazing Granddaddy, as he signed on to work for my great grandfather. This was the life she loved and appreciated and it’s left a legacy our family will always be proud of- a legacy of working hard, earning your worth and respect, always appreciating others, keeping life practical and simple-a message all too easily forgotten in the fast pace of today’s world, and not getting bogged down in the things that are out of our control-give them to God. He has seen our family this far and will continue to provide if we continue to put in the work for Him. It’s in these roots that our family’s foundation was built and we will be forever grateful for it!


            Simply saying I was excited to hear that my wife, Mary Beth, was creating a dress in my grandmother’s honor would be a drastic understatement. Then I saw the Edna dress! I was amazed at how much it embodied her values and I feel speaks as a true tribute to her life and legacy. I could envision my grandmother as a little girl wearing this dress as a young girl using the pockets for gathering eggs or other wonderful little trinkets found while exploring the world. I sincerely hope that you too will see the special inspiration that the Edna dress was created from and it adds to the wondrous simple joys of your daughter’s life also!