Laura Ingalls Wilder once wrote, “Some old fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” Wilder, a writer born in the 1800’s and best known for her Little House series, played a role in the inspiration for the Dean Dress. This quote rekindles memories of my childhood that included bare feet and picking the most beautiful yellow dandelions early every spring. Laura Ingalls Wilder is also an inspiration to me as a woman and a mother. I grew up on a farm and learned from a very early age, that working hard and being fierce reaped rewards. I spent my Sunday afternoons in my church dress, building forts along the creek and catching fish using Catawba worms with my grandfather. Although life is much faster and busier these days, I still strive to have these moments with my daughters. Their manners are important; their sweetness a priority; but their adventurous and fearless nature is what I encourage as much as I can. 

Dean is a name that has been in my family for generations. It graces my grandmother’s name, my mother’s, and as well as one of my twin daughters. This name embodies the special women in my family who have had hands that are sore from quilting, eyes that have seen the world through the Great Depression, mouths that have  spoken words of wisdom, and feet that have stood through the pouring rain, as well as the hottest of days. The Dean dress is as beautiful and strong as the women who inspired it.

I hope you love the Dean dress as much as we do. I sincerely hope you and your little girl share fond memories in it, that will last both of you a lifetime.  

With Love,

Mary Beth