My mother is one of ten children.   I have three girls and I can’t imagine tripling that number and adding one!  Our lives are already so hectic that if you added seven more kiddos, I would probably have to have my own room with very soft walls and visiting hours.  I’m not saying a straight jacket would be involved, but I wouldn’t rule it out!

My grandmother, Frances, not only raised ten children but she did it with grace.  My mom is number nine out of ten… She is the baby girl.  She or any one of her three brothers and six sisters would tell you that Frances Moore raised ten ONLY children.  She was able to make each one of them feel special and unique.  


She is the only person I can think of that embodied every single Fruit of the Spirit.  

Love - You knew from the minute you walked in that you were loved.  She knew just what to say to make you feel special.  I made a cake for the 4th of July one year when I was about ten years old. It was a lemon cake from a box with store bought strawberry icing.  Grandma was the best cook I had ever known and I couldn’t wait to find out what she thought about my cake.  I remember her tasting it and telling me how moist and delicious it was.  I’m sure I was beaming!

Joy - Grandmaw loved to have a full house.  She was most joyful when her home was full with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  

Peace - She welcomed every type of person with open arms and an open heart.  

Patience - If you have ten children, I really think this one goes without saying.  She had patience that I can only dream to have.  

Kindness - Grandmaw had the kindest heart.  She would stop whatever she was doing when someone she loved needed help.

Goodness - My grandmother had the heart of a servant.  She did for everyone else before she did for herself.  

Faithfulness - Grandmaw was faithful to God and to her family.  She taught Sunday School for years, and everyday she lived the way Jesus taught us to live.  She truly was a light in this world!

Gentleness - I remember her voice.  I remember she would answer the phone by saying, “Alright?” She called me J.K. and I can still hear her gentle voice in my head saying my nickname with such love. I never remember her getting in a hurry or rushing.  My memories are of a gentle woman with such grace.

Self Control - Grandmaw cooked the greatest meals in history.  The house would be full of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren… She would be the last to eat.  She would make sure everyone else was taken care of before she would fix her plate and sit down. After our meal we would sit outside under the willow tree in and around the swing.  She would listen to everyone tell stories and just smile and laugh.  She never made it about her.  It is like she was created for the people she loved.  

My middle daughter is named Emily Frances.  When she asked me about her middle name I told her it came from the greatest lady I had ever known.  I am extremely honored that we have decided to name our spring debut, Frances.  I know that the true beauty of the little girls who wear it will shine through!

Frances in Lilac Wind Charmer
Photo by Lily White Photography

Emily Frances in Frances in Lilac