Music and literature have always served as my inspiration. There are so many times in my life, whether working on a project for school or stretching out on a blanket in the grass that one of these was present. I believe my childhood helped shape me into the person I am today.  Music and literature not only played a part in my early years but continued to play a significant role in the most beautiful and amazing moments in my life. I love passing this legacy to my children, as I share a dance with them or watch as they engage in a story so much that they begin to think of ways their personal story can be written.  

Spring 2012

When I think of Spring, there has always been one story and one song that has influenced me throughout the years. I can honestly catalog my springs by the times I have read this one book and listened to this one song. Listening to this song and reading this book are like drawing back the heavy curtains of winter and letting the brilliant light of Spring shine on your soul.

As I began to create our Spring line this year, I was, of course, drawn to these two influences. I read 'The Story of the Root Children' by Sibylle von Olfers to my daughters.  Immediately, I began to think of how I could help my own girls emerge from the ground of winter to become their own flower to dance and frolic. If you are not familiar with this story, the root children spend the winter sleeping underground with Mother  Earth. As Spring arrives, they begin to sew new dresses with each child having their own specific color of cloth. Once the dresses are sewn, the children walk in a procession of lovely flowers. Each flower finds its spot in the forest to dance, laugh, and play. It was with these simple ideas that the first two colorways were chosen.

Spring 2015

Once I sat down with the colors and flowers in my mind, the music began to flow. Revival by the Allman Brothers Band played as I sketched lines and placed buttons. The melodies and words, “People can you feel it? Love is everywhere” makes me also think of those children stepping out together, each as a special individual, but joining together to make the world even more beautiful.

Spring 2016

I hope the dresses I have designed for you this Spring allow your children to walk with the grace of flowers and dance with the melodies of music. May your Spring be charming and glorious!

With love,

Mary Beth